Monday, February 01, 2010

Cell Phone Camera Dump

...all taken with my phone...What kicked it off was that today there were two new flavors of yogurt at Konsum. All I can say is...WTF? no no no no no.

Sticker on the door of one of my regular cafes:

"Stop! Stupidity won't be served here! ...for a Nazi-free and non-violent Dresden Neustadt."
Always there, but a reminder that Feb13th is coming up and the annual Nazi convergence.

Here's two shots of my bike in it's natural habitat(s)(Neustadt and nostadt):

I get a healthy dose of "German" dishes in the institute canteen:

How else could I have possibly known that I actually like something called "Leberkäse" ("Liver-cheese")??? Look at that. With a fried egg, sauerkraut AND rotkohl. (Leberkäse is a type of meatloaf and tastes something like a hotdog.)

Old and New

And lastly....Hard evidence that that Trabi can push 100! (km/h)