Friday, July 23, 2010

Balkon Bilder

I finally broke down and set up a Flickr photostream, to have a nice way to share photos with a reasonable viewing interface. I'll keep my Shown'd gallery for a small set of my favorite pics, but this way I can share more than a handful at a time.

Here's the first set, these are all photos I took on my little balcony garden, where in addition to a small variety of vegetables and herbs, I have a little Lantana bush, because it reminds me of Austin/Texas. They are all of two bees and a puddle of water on a dead leaf.

These were taken with a Nikon 60mm AF micro nikkor lens on my D300s. On a 35mm SLR this lens gives 1:1 reproduction of the image in size (i.e. the size of the image on the negative is the actual size), so in front of a 12 MP DX format sensor you can get some potentially really close up images.