Saturday, April 21, 2007

FOX News knows...what the nation should be concerned about.

"we decide"

I mean, 4 days after the worst shooting in American history, the death of 32 young college students and professors, I guess FOX News has decided it's old news, we've had enough, let's move on to more important things, like, oh, what Alec Baldwin said to his 12 year-old daughter on a voice-mail message. That was the biggest headline on the FOX news webpage yesterday, when I grabbed 3 screenshots of the major news outlets.:

MSNBC and CNN chose to stick with the news of the largest gun massacre in US history, and the reaction of the shooter's family, even though we've been listening to this for 4 WHOLE days now. I mean, who wouldn't rather read "WHO's THE PIG?" about Alec Baldwin's tiff with his 12-yr old daughter and movie star mother Kim Bassinger.
Fox even has a special video news section on this breaking news.

If you actually read this story and listen to the voicemail, you hear an angry father getting mad at his young daughter that apparently he has little control of. This is not shocking. He calls her a little pig. Fox news really seems to have an agenda here to really go after Baldwin. I mean, this was not abusive, this was a parent maybe going a bit over the top in enraged frustration with a rebelling teenage daughter of movie star parents.
But that's not the point. The point is WHO CARES. IS this really national news?!?!
I wonder if the fact that Baldwin regularly speaks out against the administration and FOX has seemed to take a personal interest, especially Sean Hannity, in having a little war with Baldwin, has anything to do with this.

It's pretty sad when your whole news organization takes this to such a level as to take a personal voicemail tape leaked by a bitter wife to the media, and bump a story like the shooting death of dozens of college students that has stunned a nation for a personal grudge with an activist hollywood actor with a giant headline "WHO's THE PIG?"
Can't FOX TRY to have some dignity?

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