Thursday, April 12, 2007

Germans love Ketchup

It is surprising, as I would expect that only Americans really love ketchup, but Germans take it to a new level. It is not just for fries and burgers, but rather an all-in-one sauce/condiment/flavor supplement that goes with anything. Witness a snapshot I captured today at lunch (the name of the owner will remain anonymous at their request):

What we have here is a slice of pizza, rice, and some sliced cucumbers. On both the pizza
and rice is ketchup. This is not very strange here. In fact, I have actually seen "Spaghetti with Ketchup" on a menu here. It can be pasta sauce, it can be steak sauce. I've seen it on turkey, I've seen it on fish.

Speaking of Ketchup, I found that your standard Heinz ketchup tastes different here. sweeter, maybe. And it feels so wrong, but they sell McDonald's brand ketchup in the stores, and I think it tastes better than the Heinz.

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Katarina said...

I like mayonnaise the most ...