Monday, May 21, 2007

COMMENTS - Don't be Shy

I get several hits everyday on this blog, so I know somebody's out there reading. Don't be shy about leaving comments on the posts, it's the way it's done. And lets me know y'all are sometimes there. Doesn't have to be Shakespeare.

Okay, I just realized it seems you have to have a google or eblogger login to leave comments. but you probably do anyway. And if not it's easy.


Alex said...

See? This is a comment

You're so stupid. The only thing sadder than your loserly blog is that fact that you actually have to ask people to leave comments.

Katarina said...

yeah, this is soooo sad ... the only thing sader (sadder ?) than this is (my spelling and) (my haircut and) the lack of comments on my blog.
You can change the setting so anonymous comments are allowed ... maybe that'll be more inviting. However, nothing's sadder than a comment from someone who wouldn't tell you who he/she is.
Now I think I've had my dose of sadness for today ... I'm up for some lemon beer fun.

Alex said...

that's what I'M talking bout.

except for the lemon beer part.
Do you mean a Radler? Or like the flavored Beck's? I just learned that Radler was named after the cyclists that would drink it while riding.

Katarina said...

its lemon flavoured but it's not a becks, it says something like Maternus on the label - which i will start ripping off in a second - yeah, it's some cheap stuff. I drink cheap lemon flavoured beer. at home. alone. How sad is that?

And Radler ... erm, don't believe everything people tell you. It's pretty close, though.

Stanklin said...

wow... i saw 4 comments and thought a mutherfucker had some friends.

Katarina is right, allow anonymous comments. no one is trying to type in shit.

Alex said...

If no one is trying to type in shit, they wouldn't be typing in a comment. ha.

OKay, comments are now open to even the people that don't have google mail, a blogger account, and/or are to lazy to type anything in.

I expect a FLOOD now. a FLOOD.

Katarina said...

i wasnt typing in any shit, right, alder ey, es knallt gleich?
but okay, i am the usual stalker, who's too bored of her own blog and so starts typing boring comments in other people's blogs.
Don't say "flood" while you're in Dresden!

Alex said...

"alder ey, es knallt gleich?"

Is this German?
It took me like 5 minutes to figure out what that means.
alder = Alter?
"es knallt gleich" = "It's banging right now." but really = "Want me to kick your ass?"?

So first myspace, then regular email, then, and now the blog comment page, ay?

Katarina said...

ay, right, mate, ay ...
NOW you got it! Took you like 3 months to figure that out. har har.

omg, i am (= you are) totally ruining my internet reputation now ... totally.

people will think, i am crazy. no wait, they already do think that, anyway. so no worries. You know I am (not)!

:) kat

jeff said...

maybe if you put up some pictures of pencil sharpeners it would stimulate comments.

just a thought.

jeff said...

oh i forgot.

what a crappy blog. my beard could write better posts

but you still have more comments than i do.

which must count for something

Alex said...

Don't bring your beard into this. Nobody wants a piece of the beard. Always the trump card.

Maria said...

At first I thought I'd have mercy and leave a comment on your blog. But then I saw you've already got 12 and what's that whole whining about.
But then I thought again and here we go:
nice blog, more digital and informative than Jeff's beard. Jeff's beard's just funny.
Now beware: all anonymous comments on my blog come from companies offering me extention of my penis. Thanks - I'm happy with what I do/don't have.

Katarina said...

you know, your comment page now reminds me of one forum i used to post in - once you get to a point where everybody said everything and nobody knows what to go on about anymore, people would either start b*#+#ing at each other or somebody would post nude pics or alternatively post sth. really boring just like me right now and end with "oops, i think i've just killed the thread" ...
so yeah, i think i just killed your comment page.

kate said...

wow- after 14 comments i'm going to go ahead and jump on the bandwaggon

but since we can subtract 5 of those comments because they came from you maybe i won't look that cool after all

and if you're worried about being trumped by the beard might i suggest seeing the beard and raising a mullet? ... but then i always say that

EuroTrippen said...

Wow, you panhandle for comments and (boom!) you get fifteen?? I totally need to rethink my approach to blogging...