Friday, May 04, 2007

This Could be Interesting

Well, not "interesting", but entertaining in a curiosity way. But most likely frustrating and ridiculous. "Does God Exist?: Christians vs. Athiests" on ABC. It's more like tune in to see who makes a bigger jackass out of themselves.

In "The Athiests" corner we have a couple who setup the "Blasphemy Challenge", where people just upload YouTube clips of themselves denying the existence of God, etc. How profound. Although I will say they were able to get themselves onto "Nightline" through it all. Most likely they are just looking for the notoriety through the shock value that some will inevitably give it.

In "The Christians" corner we have these doobs Ray Comfort (Is that his real name? Sounds straight out of a cheesy romance novel) and none other than the dreamy Kirk Cameron. These two will forever live in my mind for their elegant disproof of evolution using a banana in a terribly phallic sequence that Kirk even seems to be uncomfortable with. Watch it HERE, it is really really really great viewing.
Yes, it's on GodTube, and that's a whole 'nother post to itself.
Go from 2:20 to about 4:30. You won't be disappointed.

But back to the point. Why would ABC and Nightline air some crap where somebody actually thinks they can "prove" the existence of God in a TV segment and somebody else is willing to debate it with them. Surely there are no viewers that are tuning in for guidance on the issue. I suppose it's mostly people looking to see if "their side" comes out looking the best when it's over. As if it makes any difference to what you believe, these tools on the boob tube.

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