Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FUCK Continental. FUCK KLM. and FUCK Amsterdam airport and all the fucktard fucking useless people that work there.

I just paid 10 euros for internet access so I can post while I'm enraged. I just flew from Newark airport to Amsterdam on Continental to then catch a transfer to Berlin, to then catch a train to Dresden. However, because of "bad weather" (of which we didn't see a drop), our flight arrived much later, 9:39am to be exact. And I had a 10:10 flight to Berlin. So I booked my ass across this god-forsaken airport - the worst. designed. EVAR.
to make the plane(KLM to Berlin). To my delight after running what must be a good kilometer, I made it to the terminal while people were still boarding. However, upon presenting my ticket, I was denied aboard. I was told Continental had canceled my booking on the flight - because they didn't think I could make it. And there was no negotiation. These people can get on, not you. Continental then offered me two options - fly to Berlin 8 hours later on KLM, or take a two-stop trip on Lufthansa 7 hours later. I told them they fucked up since they canceled my flight and made me miss it, and they should really take that two-stop trip to Berlin they offered and make it a two-stop trip to Dresden. They told my they didn't cancel the flight, and showed me on the computer, and said it's KLM's fault.

And let me say each time I have to talk to another airline I had to walk to the complete opposite end of this stupid terminal, and also go through passport control, and X-ray for bags. Just between terminals. I had to do this 5 times. On the bright side, I did get 4 entry stamps into my passport for Holland. They will probably arrest me when they see the entries and exits don't match up.

So I go back to KLM, wait in a line THREE people long, for 45 MINUTES. Then they tell me, no, I need to go to fucking Lufthansa to sort this out. Then Lufthansa tells me I need to go back to Continental. SO now it's been 2.5-3 hours of this. And Continental doesn't care. Then they have the nerve to tell me, you COULD'VE gone to Dresden, but it's too late now.
After they told me 2 hours ago it was not their problem, but KLM's.
Anyway, I stayed there with continental and argued and argued and talked to supervisors and the best they could offer me was a gift certificate for lunch and an "I'm sorry."
SO an 8 hour delay. When I was there trying to board my plane with the others and they pulled me out.
I hate Continental so much now.
And KLM.
After ALL THAT, I had to go get my KLM tickets and wait 90 minutes in another short line. They must have THE slowest, most incompetent staff. I wasn't the only one freaking out. They were taking like 20 minutes PER PERSON to issue new tickets.

So now I'm sitting here eating my voucher dinner/lunch. Which by the way was not enough to get a cold drink. When i went to get a cold drink, there was dirt in the ice. I told the guy, "hey , look, there's dirt in the ice" And he goes "ha ha, yeah, heh heh, you're right."
"So do you have any other ice?"
"umm. ok."
"yeah, there's dirt in the machine."
"wait, so you KNEW there was dirt in the ice?"
"no, I didn't know."

SO I get a lukewarm lemonade. Get to the counter. 2.20 euros. Can't find my euros.
"do you take US dollars?"
"super. So how much then?"
"4 dollars"
"wait a minute."
"We can't make change. It's $3.25 and we have to round it up."

"here I have 2.11 euros. 9 cent short. Can I use these here in this little cup?"
"Can I put a US dollar in the cup and take out 10 euro cent?"
"okay. here's 4 dollars."

So now I pay my internet fee, do to bahn.de, and find I'm going to have to wait 2 hours once in Berlin to catch the last train to Dresden. SO I left my apartment at 2pm yesterday NYC time, and arrive home at 12:00 midnight Dresden time. That's 28 hours. To go NYC to Dresden.

Stay away from Continental, KLM, and Amsterdam airport when possible.
But especially the mean people at Continental, who clearly don't care about customer satisfaction.

OH OH OH. Did I mention I fucking puked on the plane? I got sick (non-airplane-related) and it kept getting worse as we waited to take off. So right during take-off I boot into one of them lil' bags (my first time, and actually quite convenient, and not messy or awkward at all)
but now I have to wait while the plane is rising for us to be allowed out of our seats to take by bag-o-puke to the bathroom.
At least is was chocolate-flavor smelling since I ate a big chocolate frozen yogurt.


EuroTrippen said...

Man, I'll never complain about Lufthansa again (oh who am I kidding.. I totally will.

I've never vomited on a plane before, that must have sucked.

Amy said...

That bites. Really. It took my forever & a day to get back to Brighton, but I only have myself to blame.

Hope you've recovered.

Phyliss said...

You write very well.