Friday, June 22, 2007

Illegal graffiti is bad4u

I picked this up last time I was in the local Dresden police station. I was there reporting my computer stolen. Which, it turns out was not a crime. Because I left it in a restaurant and was gone when I came back, I was informed it was not stolen, but I "lost" it and another person "found" it. Therefore not a crime. Doesn't matter that my passport was in there too. but that's another story.

Behold this strange mixture of G
erman and English that is I guess supposed to be cool with the kids (click to enlarge):

"Be clever and look into your Geld-beutel, before you're beginning with such a Schwach-sinn, over?"
what the hell? "over?" Is that was cool people say at the end of sentences?

"Guck at this and think: I am doch not crazy!"

I like the goth girl stuck in there.

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