Friday, June 01, 2007


UPDATE: Turns out the pig was sold to the plantation 4 days before it was shot, having been raised in a shed and becoming too big for the owners to deal with. Now the dad is reeling on his webpage, explaining that his son "did NOT shoot the family pet".

If you haven't heard about this, take a look. An 11-year-old boy shot a giant pig with a pistol.
All the news outlets had a little story on it, like this one.
Classic that this comes out of Alabama. Sad that when you read up on the story, it turns out this kid was following this pig around in the forest for 3 hours, unloading 13 rounds from his pistol into the pig during that time. And it was all within an enclosed pay-to-hunt area. And to make it even more sporting, his father and a couple of guides were there too, with high-powered rifles, just in case the pig might try to defend itself, they could take it down quick, but lucky for them little Jamison got do it slowly with a little pistol for 3 hours.

Look closely at the photo that's on all the news sites.

On closer inspection it's clear that the kid is significantly behind the pig. Was he posed so as to appear as if he were resting on it? Doesn't matter. Point is there is no way you can really judge how big the pig is from this picture. Could be normal size. I'm not saying this was done on purpose, but.....

The father defends critics saying he was intentionally misleading people with the size from these photos by saying that actually there was a different photo which he circulated to news organizations, and this one was taken without his knowledge, but I dare you to find this other 'accurate' photo anywhere on the web outside his site.

See the website setup by the father

Have a good laugh at the "negative comments" there.
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Read the "positive comments" and wonder why Christianity and "the troops" somehow keep coming up as if they have something to do with this.


Rodrigo said...

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EuroTrippen said...

First off, who gives an 11 yr. old a gun and tells them to go kill something? Second.... and I'm not some wacky Daryl Hannah activist or anything... but there should be at least a few rights for prey. I've always though bow hunting (big in texas and other southern states) should be outlawed since it usually involves shooting the animal, tracking it for hours by its blood drippings, and then finally putting a bullet through it's head when it's too weak to run anymore. Ick.

Colby said...

Can you imagine that pig's last moments? Wheezing, collapsing--filled with little hot bullets, looking up to see that little white trash shitter with a gun between his eyes? I'm also no activist--I'll bite the shit outta some pork ribs, but I prefer my pigs killed with a swift chop to head, not a slow death by multiple, slow-bleeding puncture wounds.