Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Angry Airport Blogging.

I'm in Frankfurt. I'm not supposed to be in Frankfurt. Frankfurt isn't on any of my tickets.
Let's see. The last airport experience was the maddening stay in Amsterdam and the lost luggage. On Saturday I flew to Turku, Finland from Berlin. Unfortunately my luggage did not make it. So I got to wear the same clothes for another day while spending the day listening to talks. Finally they found my bag and had it sent out to me after a day and a half.
Today I flew back out of Turku. The lady at the counter actually told me that I would not be able to make my connection when I checked in. There were no delays. Everything was according to schedule, but I would just not be able to make it through the Helsinki airport in 45 minutes, assuming the plane landed on time. So I BOOKED my ass through that airport. And I made it to check-in. Similar to what happened in Amsterdam. This time they told me the flight was OVERBOOKED, and I needed to go get a different ticket. What can you do. So here I am in Frankfurt. I was supposed to be home by now. They just told us the flight to Dresden has been postponed another hour and a half.
In the meantime I went to ask to make sure my frequent flyer miles were still getting recorded. And they told me sorry, no your flight changed from Helsinki. You can get your flight to Dresden recorded, but we cannot credit your for your Helsinki to Frankfurt flight now that it is over. In order to do so you will need to MAIL your tickets once you get back home. To the USA. With a letter requesting miles. I kid you not. I'm sitting here in one of the biggest airports in the world, the MAIN HUB of Lufthansa airlines. And they are telling me in order to get flyer mile credit for the Lufthansa flight I JUST GOT OFF OF, I will need to mail my tickets to the USA once I get home.

I wonder the chances of them losing by baggage and making three flights in a row with this. What is going on with airline services? And I got offered NO compensation for overbooking their flight. Didn't you used to get a voucher when they bumped you?

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