Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost Home

4 hour layover in the Munich airport. So close, yet so long to wait. This has been a marathon trip back.
In all, it will be 6 flights and 42 hours. I kid you not.
The dive boat left us on Lizard Island.

(1)Lizard Island to Cairns: 45 minutes (but this was in a tiny plane flying low over the reef, so pretty cool)
3 hours in Cairns
(2)Cairns to Brisbane: 2 hours
3 hours in Brisbane
(3)Brisbane to Singapore: 7 hours
1 hour (stayed on plane) in Singapore
(4)Singapore to Dubai: 7 hours
3 hours in Dubai
(5)Dubai to Munich: 7 hours
5 hours in Munich.
(6)Munich to Dresden: 1 hour

And something's wrong with my ear. Having a cold + 4 days diving + 42 hours flying and maybe that's not so surprising.

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