Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just the beginning

I'd say we're going to be hearing a lot more guys talking like this, as this war drags on, and already brainwashed kids go absolutely nuts on their 3rd and 4th tours.

Lopezromo, who was not part of the squad on its late-night mission, said he saw nothing wrong with what Thomas did.

"I don't see it as an execution, sir," he told the judge, according to the newspaper. "I see it as killing the enemy."

He said Marines consider all Iraqi men part of the insurgency.

The comparisons to vietnam will probably start growing too.....

Lopezromo said a procedure called "dead-checking" was routine. If Marines entered a house where a man was wounded, instead of checking to see whether he needed medical aid, they shot him to make sure he was dead, he testified.

"If somebody is worth shooting once, they're worth shooting twice," he said.

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