Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back to Work

Eric left this morning. Time to get back to the grind. I basically took off a week while he was here, but man, it was totally worth it. That was a blast. We running around meeting people and doing all kinds of stuff but it was never stressful. More on Eric's visit later. Like perhaps when I get all the pictures. Here's one:

Going to work today was not a blast. It felt like everybody else in the world was either too cool or too lazy or too rebellious or too good to actually do anything for themselves and I spend a large part of the day dealing with stuff nobody else would. I really need to buckle down and get stuff done over the next month.


Sabine said...

Nice picture. Looks as if there was weather for a barbecue last week in Dresden.

Alex said...

The week Eric was here, like to the day, was the best week of weather we've had this year IMO. It's been overcast and raining for two days now.

Stanklin said...

I am a wonderful man that brings not only beauty and happiness, but also great weather.

i'll get to sending pictures shortly, dawgs.

MollyB, Bloggerin said...

oh man, you have way too much fun. which probably doesn't bring the two of us to anywhere near average. your hair also offsets my headfull lowering the global average. thanks.