Tuesday, September 04, 2007


This an acronym in German, short for "vorne kurz hinten lang", or "front short back long".

What I'm saying here is that I have a mullet.
It was created in honor of Jeff's entry into the World Beard and Mustache Championships last weekend, which I attended (post to follow). Jeff and Kate have been encouraging me to cut a mullet into my hair for a while now, so this was the perfect opportunity.
Lucky for me, Abi was up to the task, having a bit of hair-cutting experience on her boyfriend Chris. Which meant it was free and I didn't have to deal with explanations to a hairdresser, in German no less.

The mullet has its greatest power when coupled with a jeans jacket.
and a nasty mustache.
And now for a few pictures.


EuroTrippen said...

Grew mustache and a mullet, got a job at Chick-Fil-A... you're a living, breathing Ben Folds song!

By the way- excellent hat worn by the guy in the 3rd photo down...

MollyB said...

Ha, still waiting for your report on the World Beard and Mustache Championships ..

A hairdresser here once tried to talk me into a mullet. I'd just finished explaining that I spend most of my working hours in a suit. When I reminded her of this, she said that's why she'd thought at least my hair should be kicky.

Alex said...

I'm waiting on pictures from the other attendees.
For a preview of the man, see

perching owls said...

That is fantastic! ha ha! Do you still have the mullet action going?

The sad thing is, that no one here thinks it's funny because it's a completely normal hairstyle here. I was a bit disappointed to see it was thoroughly prevalent in Berlin as well!