Monday, November 12, 2007

Winter is here

Check out the forecast. Basically now Dresden will look like this for the next 16-20 weeks. No warmer. no colder. none sunnier. It challenges my motivation to ride my bike into work. It's really quite annoying.

Oh, and the days become way too short. Now's the time when I can leave home in darkness and get home in darkness.

For North American readers:
quick, guess what city has an equivalent latitude to Dresden, Germany (About 2 hours south of Berlin):

Washington DC

Answer: none of the above. Go north from NYC to Montreal, then go THAT DISTANCE north AGAIN. And you're in Dresden territory.
The sun sets around 4pm.

Boston is on latitude with central Spain. Paris and London hit up in Canada. weird, huh?
North Carolina meets up with Africa.


EuroTrippen said...

I could do without all the sleet, that's for sure. After all... I'm a Texan. I freak out when there's anything slushy or ice-like on the roads.

Thought about taking the tram today but in the end I sucked it up and drove instead. I can't even begin to imagine riding a bike though...

jeff said...

yeh, but berlin is one degree further north than dresden. so we're even more fucked.

of course, we have a fireplace in our flat, and there's way better restaurants here.

I'll take that trade.