Saturday, December 01, 2007


Well, it' s a month past, but I figured I'd post a few pics from Halloween. Every year since I've been in Dresden we've put on a Halloween party. And it's always been a success. Halloween is sort just recently creeping into Germany in a purely commercial way, so it's not really a big thing in general. Especially the idea of a Halloween costume party. I always try to convince people to think outside the box with their Halloween costumes here because the ideas that of course are in the heads of Germans and Europeans is the traditional Halloween costume: spooky and scary, like Frankenstein, ghosts, vampires, etc. On the other hand, most people who do put together a costume really get into it - which makes the party so much more fun.
Here are some pics.
And if you see your picture here, then you're probably one of the people in Dresden that have found my blog but haven't told me, so if you want it to be removed you'll have to come clean ;)

The crew that organized the whole thing

Forbidden tree and snake

A giant squirrel drops her nuts.

lab members letting loose. too loose. yikes.

This is Gary and Jeff. pretty good.

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