Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jazz gig

Last Thursday night went to a show in a student club down towards the university. I had seen some pretty cool posters (is this picture not cool?) advertising a guy named Johannes Bauer playing the trombone. From the blurb they had on the website I knew I was going to be in for some jazz improvisation on the trombone with an unconventional overtone, but had no idea to expect this. Most of the time he was not playing the trombone as you would expect, but rather making noise with it in ways other than vibrating the lips, like just blowing air through, or speaking into it, or making strange animal-like noises, etc. and all while having small fits and spasms. And looking vaguely drunk.
Here's a youtube clip I found that basically sums up the show.

So I while it was interesting watching him contort himself while making strange noises with the rest of the band, it was a little disappointing. and it got old. I think I was craving structure and rhythm after listening to 4 talented jazz artists on drums, keyboard, trombone and bass for an hour without any of it.
I guess it didn't help I was listening to some Bill Watrous prior to heading down:

(wait for the trombone solo)

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