Monday, March 31, 2008

World Tour 2008

Well, World tour 2008 is about to kick off. World Tour 2007 was a hit and will be hard to match. Here are the current dates:
  • April 2-6 Collaboration at MPI-Martinsried
Munich, Germany

Vienna, Austria

  • April 13-15 MPI-CBG Postdoc Retreat
Děčín, Czech Republic

Berlin, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

  • September 19-22 Hanging out with Mom and some good food and sun
Venice, Italy

Solid yet unconfirmed dates:

* May 30 - April 1 Splatsch Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Düsseldorf, Germany

* October 15-20 Texas Longhorns football game and general Austin time (good eats)

Austin, TX, USA

Tentative Dates:

*MAY 5-7 Hyman Lab Retreat, Mendel Center (on the site where Mendel worked)

Brno, Czech Republic

* Summer Roughin' it with ol' Mike

??, Madagascar

* December 13-17 ASCB Annual Meeting

San Francisco, USA

Whew. Adds up when you write it all out at once.


Anonymous said...

Dude, look into the comoros islands. would you want to be there or be in madagascar?

Alex said...

Comoros.....holy shit. I like it. Talk about obscure.

Anonymous said...

from lonely planet

"Travellers should reconsider their need to visit the Comoros, due to the current political crisis. There is a possibility of violence and unrest, particularly on the island of Anjouan, where the military have moved in to quell rebels."

It's so fucking on.

Alex said...

Dude, chill, my mom reads this, you're gonna worry her.

but it is on.

Hell, it ain't Central Sulawesi or something.

"Terrorists may target individual American citizen residents, visitors, students, or tourists, and tactics could include but are not limited to kidnapping, shooting, or to the provinces of Papua, Central Sulawesi, and Maluku requires the concurrence of the Embassy’s Regional Security Officer."

Anonymous said...

oop, sorry ms. bird ... no need to worry - we'll take special precautions.

I'll work on language and arab bible literature. Alex - do some push-ups and work on your tough-guy face.