Monday, May 26, 2008

Good Weekend (!)

This weekend my first first-author paper of my postdoc was accepted for publication (in the Journal of Cell Biology) This is work I've been doing for 3+ years, and a manuscript I started writing up 9 months ago. The basic focus of the research is on how cells build and regulate the transient apparatus (shown below in purple) needed when the cells divide to accurately segregate their DNA (green) perfectly and equally into the two new cells.

In addition, this weekend our MPI-CBG Ultimate (frisbee) team "Ring of Fire" competed in a two-day tournament in Jena against teams from around Germany, and took home 5th place! out of 20 teams. (photos and video to follow...)


Stanklin said...

dude, kickass!

I also had a great weekend - my wiffle ball team rallied from a 15 run deficit to win by two.

ecarg said...

hi thanks for your comment.
I got my coral diversity paper published in a journal too.

that picture of the chromosomes and the spindle fibers is very nice.