Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back (sort of)

Got back last night to Germany from Dar Es Salaam. Exhausted. But now I'm hanging around Berlin for a few days for an HFSP awardeees conference. I haven't thought about science for nearly 3 weeks.
And I feel like I need to relax and have a vacation.
There will be posts and photos from Africa - but it may take a while as I took half my pictures with that ancient stuff called film and I'll need to get it developed and maybe even scan in the slides myself.

Trip log:
Nairobi - Masai Mara Reserve - Nairobi - Stone Town
(Unguja Isl., Zanzibar) - Nungwi (Unguja Isl., Zanzibar) - Wete, (Pemba Isl., Zanzibar) - near Makangale (Pemba Isl., Zanzibar) - Pujini (Pemba Isl., Zanzibar)- Pangani - Dar


Stanklin said...

Jeff and Kate are in Seattle while you're nursing your exhaustion. Go buy a ticket - you can still make it out for the weekend.

Alex said...

Ahhh...I'd like to be in Seattle, but at the same time this works out nicely cause I'm totally crashing at their pad and I have my own giant flat for a week smack in the middle of Berlin Mitte...