Friday, July 25, 2008

He's losing it.

Last week the "Iraq-Pakistan border"
This week just making up more shit, then actually trying to explain it away later with some first class diarrhea of the mouth.
He constantly fucks up, which is inevitable to happen in the course of a campaign, but not all the time, and in this case not just having trouble with words and self-confidence like the president, but seriously getting some shit wrong, and then literally making up crazy shit to try and cover it up. I mean, you just can't do that and expect people to believe you. He seems to be really in over his head, but in a very different way than our current president.

To his credit he is taking questions in front of the cheese section. Hey, I shop for cheese in the grocery store. He's like me, a good ol' cheese-shopper, not some jet-set "change-the-world" elitist.

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Colby said...

lol. just grabbin some sliced cheese. Old country values there, man. I like cheese, I like to shop, hell I like to shop FOR cheese. Orange cheese. 'Merican cheese. I was in front of a frozen food section just the other day. I don't anything about all that traveling and talking. I heard that soldiers like cheese.