Monday, August 18, 2008

Around Town

Having a reasonable camera in my phone and occasionally having my digicam in my bag allow for some interesting snapshots around town. Here are a handful from the last week:

The coolest tow truck ever:

Even with the smoking ban, Hebedas is still rocking. They have a few rooms where smoking is allowed, like where the pool table is:

This is funny. There was a whole product line in LIDL of this stuff. McEnnedy. Great name. The tag line below reads 'American Way'. Little do they know that the 'American Way' of burgers involves nothing called 'Hamburger Sauce' that you buy out of a bottle.
One of the dive schools setup this thing at Stadtfest. It's actually a great idea. They have this tank with windows and they take kids down in there from the top with scuba gear. Anybody over 8 years old. I can see kids getting really hooked on diving by being able to experience breathing underwater in a pretty cool setting.

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