Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stupid Stupid

First off, I was wondering just now who in history has received the most write-in votes for President. So I googled it. And the first hit I got was a "Yahoo! Answers" link, featuring a question from "Christians for McCain-Palin 08" which was:

If I write-in vote Palin for President, does it still count as a vote for McCain?

Whew. yeah. So there's a nice dose of double stupid.

As for the real answer, I don't know, but Wikipedia says Eugene V. Debs got nearly a million write-in votes while in federal prison in 1920 (Out of 26 million total).

Secondly, you've probably heard by now about the girl that scratched a 'B' into her face, apparently in the mirror, and then claimed a large black man robbed her, punched her, then carefully carved a backwards 'B' into her face (presumably for "Barrack") with a very dull knife after seeing her McCain-Palin bumper sticker. And later refused any medical treatment. Wonder why not. What's more stupid was all the people over at Little Green Footballs speculating on how the 'B' must be backwards because the attacker had her in a choke hold from above and then scratched it into her face - so that when she sits up it's upside down.
Oh yeah, and it looks like she's a McCain volunteer and student at Texas A&M

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