Saturday, November 22, 2008


As I'm getting pumped up for the Michigan-OSU game this evening, a clip from the better times, when Michigan was not having it's worst season in its entire history, but rather going undefeated to win the national championship with Charles Woodson winning the heisman, and along the way making the greatest. interception. ever.

He was throwing the ball away. He was just trying to throw the ball away like smart QB.

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Stanklin said...

Not a good time to be a michigan fan. Sorry, playa.

On the other hand, UT is on top of the world in terms of online sports-related hand-wringing. we're all pulling for a big win over A&M on thanksgiving and a Tech loss to Baylor this weekend to put us in the Big XII championship. Win that, and we're in miami for the national championship. Dag.