Saturday, January 03, 2009

Eier kaufen

Eggs are cheap. There are various grades, sizes, and classes, which I don't completely understand. but I can work out enough. They have "freilandhaltung", which means free-range, "bodenhaltung", which I think means barn-raised (but without cages), and then the regular eggs with no obvious label, which I suppose means it is the torture-box-raised. The difference in price here is so minimal, I can't see how anybody would not buy the free-range eggs. Torture box eggs are 12.9 cents each. Barn-raised are 18.9 cents each, and free-range are 19.9 cents each. I usually get the organic free-range eggs, which jump up to like 40 cents each and are smaller, but I don't eat very many eggs. But seriously, who is going to save 1 measly cent per egg and take the bodenhaltung eggs over the freilandhaltung eggs? But then not go for the cheapest. Are people like "I support paying 6 cents not to have the chickens tortured, but free-range? Now that's just ludicrous - those hoity-toity chickens have a bigger garden than I do!"

Seriously, do they taste different or something?


G in Berlin said...

Actually, it took me a while to figure that out. We buy the free-range eggs as well but we do use a lot of eggs and I have bought the torture eggs when the others were not available and (perhaps it's my imagination) I think the free range taste better. In any case, just as I buy bio milk, I buy free range eggs. Even though we buy a lot of them, it's worth it to me in terms of what I want to stand behind. Same reason I buy "dolphin-safe" products and don't eat swordfish. On the other hand, I would love to eat bio poultry here, but we just can't afford it. We eat very little red meat(and no pork), though, so my concrn about that being bio is not important. I think the way pork is harvested is horrifying.

Alex said...

Sometimes where I buy my milk the bio-milk is cheaper. Now who wouldn't go for that? A lot of people apparently.
I agree with the poultry. It kills me, but I just can't shell out for the bio-poultry - it costs exactly twice as much, and that's for the I'm-not-so-sure-it's-really-bio poultry at the local Konsum.
I dropped like 160 euro for two 18-lb organic turkeys here at Thanksgiving. That was a shock. I didn't even ask the price when I ordered them.