Sunday, December 04, 2011

December in Germany

Okay, 9 months since my last post.  Anybody who read this blog regularly is long gone.  December is here, and along comes the wonderful Christmas season in Germany.  This winter so far has been unseasonably warm, and while I really can't complain, I do hope we get a good snowfall at least once before the holidays are over.  Two years ago I posted a round-up of the Christmas markets around Dresden with photos.  Last year I posted a time-lapse movie over-looking the Striezelmarkt.

Last year I got a few nice photos when there was some snow on the ground, and I'll post them now since it hasn't snowed this year.  The first is from the Neumarkt Christmas market, currently the best in Dresden:

Last year I went down to Nürnberg during the season, too, and luckily it snowed.  What a beautiful town.  

And the year ended with fireworks in Dresden



G in Berlin said...

That's what Readers are for:-).
Lovely photos but I'm all for the snow holding off.

Alan from San Diego said...

Beautiful photos.

qelena said...

We're not gone. I miss German Christmas. Good that I asked Sundar to bring me a Stollen.