Thursday, March 22, 2007

George Bush, Jet Pilot.

Oh my. Don Surber explains why the whole "Gonzales mess" and attorney firings is really a non-issue. okay. But the best part is at the end:

We elected President Bush to be the chief executive of this government. He should be able to fire anyone.

Unfortunately, we have Civil Service, which protects most federal employees from being fired. This makes it difficult to have the government serve the people.

Bush is a jet pilot. He is taking on people who would ban the bow-and-arrow if they could. This should be a fun battle to watch.

via The Poor Man Institute and Instapundit. Emphasis mine.

Oh, Bush is a jet pilot? If Bush is a jet pilot, I'm a Formula-One racer. I mean, 25 years ago I was training in race cars at Malibu, and later I rode co-pilot with my father at an amateur auto race. Bush's father was a fighter pilot. Bush Jr. went AWOL after getting tired of photo-ops in a national guard cockpit, then rode piggy-back onto an aircraft carrier doing circles off the coast of California.

But the real point here is that this guy actually seems to think, or thinks he can convince people, that Bush is some bad-ass hard man "jet-pilot" going up against a buncha flower-waving peace-niks. Does he really believe what he writes? if so, he probably REALLY enjoyed Bush's landing on the aircraft carrier. Was probably whoopin' it up at the TV.

He is right, though. This will be a fun "battle" to watch.

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