Thursday, March 22, 2007


A few weeks ago I was visiting Amy in Brighton for her birthday as well as the premiere of her film Only Stopping. Anyway, I came across this magazine in her room, Found. It was an actual nice thick print magazine, but I see now they have a website too. And they're based in Ann Arbor, which makes them especially cool. They basically just publish things people submit that they found somewhere, like little notes and letters. This stuff is gold. I think we've all found something like this at some point where you just have to ask "Where the hell did this come from, and what possibly could this person be thinking/doing when they wrote it?"
Of course it would seem the whole thing lends itself to easy hoaxes, but it seems like most if not all of the stuff is legit. I think I may have to order a few $5 + $5 international shipping, not so bad.

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Amy said...

Yo bitch, cheers for the heads up but...I only found you by chance !

Send on those mags & I'll mail you some stamps or something....

A x