Friday, March 23, 2007

Sachsens Kneipen bald rauchfrei

I don't believe it. No way. This can't be true. No more smoking in bars in Saxony? I mean, Germany has been about the last civilized country holding out on this, and I thought it would never happen. As it is all bars AND restaurants are all-smoking, all the time. I think the smoking sections in restaurants in Texas went away in the 80s. But even with these changes, restaurants will still be allowed to have smoking sections here.

But wow, this is great news. I think I get headaches from the quantities of smoke inhaled at
bars here. And who would have thought in the 21st century you would still be sitting enjoying an elegant meal at a nice restaurant and the guy behind you lights up a nice long smoke, ruining your meal completely? And with nowhere in the restaurant to find shelter.

I have to say, though, alot of my friends won't be so pleased.

And I do have to wonder what of Hebeda's, the bar down the street, who's ambiance is largely based on the smoky/cozy/dive-bar feel. but it's also my favorite bar in Dresden, even with the horrible smoke. I hope it just gets even better, and doesn't fade away.
Luckily, in any case, I've already taken a few pictures for prosperity:

Taken with 35mm SLR

Carsten in the back room - Taken with my digital Canon S40

Taken with my cell phone

Hebedas has a kind of DDR feel to it, which is quaint. And the beer is cheap. 1 euro 80 I believe for a half-liter Beck's. And there's usually good music. And it's about 30 seconds from my flat. I sure hope the vibe stays.

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