Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not in our Alps

Last summer the first Brown Bear in 170 years was seen in Bavaria. People freaked out. and then they shot it. And then they put it in a museum. next to another brown bear. That was, yep, you guessed it, shot 170 years ago in Bavaria. To make it all even stranger, this bear was part of a European plan to repopulate the Alps with Brown Bears. I guess Germany didn't get the memo.
And now Bavaria's Environment Minister is hashing out a detailed plan to deal with any more of these brown bears that come across the border.

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Stanklin said...

I have nothing to say about brown bears in bavaria. nothing. But of all the blogs that my friends have started, this is the most consistently updated and the least commented on. That shit just ain't right.

So here's to alex (hip hip). When I'm feeling more witty and less drunk, I will write something more topical.

Rock and roll, douchetube...