Friday, August 10, 2007

Breaking News: Endangered Bat Stops Waldschloßchen Bridge Construction.

Well it looks like there's been at least a temporary postponement of the start of construction of this damn bridge. Apparently some environmental agencies have found that there had not been consideration of the destruction of the habitat of the Lesser Horseshoe Bat. Construction was set to start in 4 days. I'm all for managing development projects to protect endangered species, and I'm all against this bridge for any reason, but this is a kinda weak move, discovering this 'bat habitat' 4 days before the construction starts. I can't imagine how infuriated the big bridge proponents are (which makes me smile nonetheless). A chart on the wikipedia page for the bat even lists it as of "least concern" as far as wildlife conservation.

The good thing is, it seems like now ANY potential halt to this bridge is going to go through any Dresden court, as it feels like now the people want alternatives. I guess we'll see how long this delays things. There seems to be more and more energy against this bridge every week in Dresden. I signed a petition when I was a the ENT doctor last week.

Coming Soon: My chat with Günter Blobel about this bridge.

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