Friday, August 24, 2007

This was better

In reference to the last post....this was a much better anti-Bush pre-election track. Better groove, better lyrics, better message, better intensity, better video. I actually thought this might have an impact and get people out.
World of difference. Or do you disagree?


Stanklin said...

whether or not you like the track, he has to get credit for releasing a track BEFORE bush was re-elected. dogging bush now is pointless... even the steadfast republicans aren't defending him anymore.

Jim (Herr Eurotrippen) said...

I'll take Pink and Eminem (though my brotha from detroit hit the mark much better). I do think it's still important to point out the fallacies and practices of bush and his administration. I might not feel so strongly about this had he only been in for four years, but the mere fact that the american public decided he should have another run in office makes me believe we need every voice of dissent to be heard. If another republican makes it into office next year I'm going to talk to Sarkozy and see if he'll give me a French Passport.