Thursday, October 11, 2007


Okay, I've been lazy about posting. So here is a dragged-out boring story. A while back I bought a Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter bar from the institute vending machine and to my surprise it was just a solid chocolate chunk. A week later I bought the same thing and the same thing happened again.

Check that out. just not right.

I called Nestle about the unfortunate situation only to be repeatedly directed to an answering machine that hung up on me. But even amidst the growing teasing of my work colleagues over the issue I was determined not to give up.
I wrote an email to Nestle complaining that I had twice given them my money to be given a big boring hunk of chocolate when my tastebuds were already waiting for peanut butter and crunchy goodness. I got an email back that said they were sorry, but they needed more info like the packaging writing. So I provided it. And then got a letter in the real mail apologizing.
But today I got a box, a BOX from Nestle. Filled with chocolatey booty ( but strangely no Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter). Anyway, who's clowning who about complaining about candy bars NOW? Maybe I'll give them the crappy Smarties....


Snooker said...

How funny!
My German just recently had such a situation with Haribo. She has quite a thing about gummy stuff in general, but really likes the Haribo products.

A few weeks ago we picked up some bags of gummy frogs and discovered that they were rather hard. Kinda gummy still, but more like REAL chewy.

She immediately packed up what was left in the bags and sent them back to Haribo with a nice letter discussing the fact that her favorite gummies were not gummy.

Saturday in the mail a package arrived with Haribo stamped on the side. We could hardly contain our excitement as 10 bags of candy jumped out along with an apology letter. Now THAT is customer service!!

They thanked her for letting them know about the situation, and made reference to the two previous letters they had received from her. (She really doesn't like the NEW fruity flavors they've added to the classic gold bears - and has let them know about it.)

Really cool of them to send the bags I think. Although I think it is a bit strange that they didn't include any of the beloved Frogs, and SMART that they didn't send any of the gold bears.

Alex said...

It's a little strange, since it seems to me, and readily admitted by other Germans, that there is no such thing as "customer service" in Germany. At least like in the States. But Germans do love to complain. So I can't figure out why they are all so amazed that I wrote a letter and got all this candy back. Maybe it's just with the international corporations.