Saturday, October 06, 2007

German Pop Music Charts

A mystery to me. I give you three examples. All three rocketed up the charts when they came out. All three are nothing any sane person would want to listen to more than once.

Grup Tekkan - Wo Bist Du Mein Sonnenlicht?
Number 12 in German Charts (April 2006)
These guys were serious when they made this, but it was so bad it was funny, and got some airplay, and then of course once it made it onto MTV all the kids got mixed up between what is bad and what is funny and what MTV tells them to like and then it just started going up the charts and this video was regularly played. Watching once is painful yet comic. But this thing was #12 in Germany.

Crazy Frog - Axel F
Number 3 in German charts, Number 1 in Europe charts (May 2005)
I think this frog got its start in ringtone commercials. And I guess people liked it so much that somebody just made it into a song. Well, just made the frog sing Axel F. And then a video. And BAM! Number 3 in Germany. WTF? I mean, WTF?

Schnappi, das Kleine Krokodil
Number 1 in German charts (Jan 2005)
Unquestionably the most creative of the three. but this is the intro to a children's cartoon. And it went to NUMBER ONE on the German pop charts. With the video regularly on MTV.
Another prime example of MTV telling people what they want to hear. And the masses listening. "hey, wait, this is actually pretty catchy! It's fun because it's for kids! I want to hear this more! it's cool!"

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