Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Probably the best holiday. period. Thankfully even over here in Germany we manage to assemble a number of expats to get together and do it right. This year it was 7 Americans, an Irishman, a Japanese woman, and 2 German women. The gathering was held in Nate's place, 2 floors above mine, and my place was used as a staging area to cook the second turkey and the pies. Amazingly, it seemed like we split up the traditional foods cooking duties and everybody ended up with something they were good at. We had the traditional stuff: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, some sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole, pumpkin pie. There was however no green bean casserole. I'm going to chalk this up to an inability to find condensed cream of mushroom soup here. Somebody tried it last year with something else, and it just didn't have the right consistency. I even made a pumpkin pie from scratch. Which I guess just means I put a pumpkin in the oven for a while and then scooped it out and pureed it instead of the canned stuff. Anyway, everything turned out great, and with 2 turkeys for 11 people there was plenty of turkey left over to go around for sandwiches.

Chaos in the kitchen

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