Thursday, June 05, 2008

I WILL vote this time!

Mailed the paper work out today to do all I can to get a ballot for the presidential election.
Last year it took a mailing, several emails, and THEN several phone calls to Virginia to get the people there to realize they were supposed to be sending me a ballot. And then, THEN, after my third conversation with the nice lady in Virginia she acknowledged that they "found" my application and would be sending me a ballot - it never actually came. (Which later I found out happened to thousands of people overseas - makes you wonder when you think about how VA was considered nearly a swing state last election and that it goes without question that most non-military overseas voters are going to vote Democratic...)

Now it seems VA could really be a key state - so I think I'll raise hell to make sure my vote is counted - at least for peace of mind.

Obama signals Republicans face fierce fight in Va.


DAvS said...

amancyGood for you! Hope you have found the nonpartisan site, Overseas Vote Foundation ( which makes voter registration simple and quick.
Best regards,
from American Citizens Abroad ( - check out our site, too.

Stanklin said...

Yes, yes, yes. This is good.

I'm considering relocating to Ohio for the remainder of the year to ensure a democratic win. I've never lived in a swing state. I hear the 'nati is nice...

Alex said...

Or find some idiot that wants to vote for the Green party in Ohio and offer to change votes - you vote Green in Washington and they vote Democratic in Ohio

Tessa Enright said...

i had a lot of trouble getting my absentee ballot from arizona as well. maybe it's because i was also requesting a change of party to democrat.